Friday, October 13

Fusing together '60s garage rock and motown, Chicago trio Yoko and The Oh No's is an up and coming band creating retro rock n roll music. Singer Max Goldstein, guitarist Max Loebman, and drummer Stef Roti all played together as The Originals before regrouping as the Oh No's to record their self-released, self-titled debut in early 2013. With Goldstein as their charismatic frontman, the band's energetic live shows and well-crafted record led to a deal with Autumn Tone Records, which reissued their debut in 2015.

With their live performance history ranging from opening for The Growlers to playing in L.A. and having had played only twice in the city this year, one can only wonder what they've been working on. Check out Yoko and The Oh No's closing out Day 1 - Friday, October 13 at Warble Daze.

Originally instrumentalists  and backing musicians for Miranda Lambert, Nashville-based Steelism formed in 2011. The duo has evolved their sound into a "mid-century modern design" influenced, instrumental outfit led by guitarist Jeremy Fetzer and a pedal steel player Spencer Cullum with their sophomore album titled ism.

The duo wanted to keep ism "100% Nashville" to contribute to Tennessee's collaborative atmosphere and creative mecca. Don't miss instrumental duo Steelism blending together vintage to modern day music Day 1 - Friday, October 13 at Warble Daze.

Roll up for a magical mystery tour! The sunshine pop of Levitation Room may conjure images of flowers and kaleidoscope eyes. The lysergic pop band from Highland Park, Los Angeles has signed to Burger Records and released their debut record, Ethos, last year.

Instead of writing hackneyed love songs, Levitation Room digs into deeper themes — all while exploring the unconscious mind. Prepare to be taken on a trip. Come out to see Levitation Room Day 1 - Friday, October 13 at Warble Daze.

Without apologies, No Men is not what you’d expect out of music. There’s no remorse from the trio who self admittedly is here to “destroy everything.” The group began in Austin, Texas of late 2015 as a 4-piece, until bass player D.B and vocalist Pursley made their way to Chicago and added drummer Eric Hofmeister to form the present trio. They work as a brutal team to cut down any preconceptions of punk you may have had.

It can immediately be understood that No Men is here to carve out the necessary space for queer femmes by being unrelenting. Minimalist in nature right down to their set up, most of their songs run under three minutes. The grave intensity although dancy goes by in an explosive instant leaving you stunned with adrenaline.  Make sure to catch No Men Day 1 - Friday, October 13 at Warble Daze.

Lucille Furs is a band dressed in paisley who drape their music in organ arpeggiations and 12-string guitar chimes. With a lineup that mirrors a classic ‘60s baroque-pop band, the band doesn’t either lose focus or stick to shtick: they play rhythms irresistible to shake to and melodies easily to get lost in.

With their full-length debut expected in September, Warble Daze is welcoming the band with a home show amid an exciting fall tour. Day 1 - Friday, October 13 .

The Voluptuals collage garage, glam, and glitter before wrapping their sounds into a tightly wrapped package. They have a sense of humor, too — with song titles such as "You'd be the First (To Die in the Zombie Apocalypse)" — while not losing focus on delivering tight, crunchy-but-poppy rockers.

Though these local favorites are no strangers to the DIY scene, they are still one of Chicago's best-kept secrets. See them on Friday


Saturday, October 14

Modern Vices

Gaining quick attention as a local Chicago band should have been no surprise for Modern Vices. In 2014-15, their first year as a collective brought attention across the city with articles found in The Chicago Tribune, Houseshow Magazine, Consequence of Sound, and plenty more. Bringing nostalgic '50s-inspired tunes mixed with garage rock we all know and love,

Modern Vices created their distinctive alt/indie sound as expressed in their self-titled debut. With Alex Rebek's impressive and haunting vocals, Peter Scoville's smooth riffs, Thomas Peters' jamming on guitar, Miles Kalchik's bass grooves, and Patrick Hennessey keeping the rhythm all together - we welcome Modern Vices to perform at Warble Daze Saturday, October 14.

The Nude Party

If you stuck a Velvet Underground in a sauna and then played it in the desert, you might a record close to The Nude Party. Drawing on classic garage, surf, and British Invasion sounds, they might yelp like Lou Reed but they also bring a twang and a psychedelic sound to their dire, existential rock music.

The Nude Party is proof for people who have ever said "rock music isn't dead." Just remember you can keep your clothes on when you see them Day 2 - Saturday, October 14 at Warble Daze.
Acid Dad

Psych punks Acid Dad (NY) formed back in 2014 at a drag show. Their music embraces a listener's urges to mosh and to dance as long as they can. Emphasizing the importance of innovation and atypical structures in their composition, Acid Dad took NYC by storm and toured endlessly.

Taking inspiration from Black Sabbath, Syd Barrett, and plenty more - catch them Saturday, October 14 at Warble Daze!
Joe Bordenaro

Fuzzy, feel good vibes and movies like The Sandlot encapsulates the music of local band Joe Bordenaro & The Late Bloomers. Releasing his first EP Physical Education solo in 2014, Joe later added backing members to bring a full, consistent sound to live rock performances across the city. 

Playing venues ranging from DIY (The Observatory) to professional (Schubas), Joe Bordenaro & The Late Bloomers gained traction from publishers such as Amplify, Third Coast Review, and Houseshow Magazine. Working nonstop to bring new music this year and surpassing a stroke of bad luck that deleted works in progress, Joe's locked and loaded to bring new music by the end of this year. Don't miss up and coming band Joe Bordenaro & The Late Bloomers on Day 2 of Warble Daze.

Cafe Racer

When you take a garage band, slow them down, turn up the fuzz, and add a few shoegaze guitar pedals, you get Cafe Racer. The quintet delivers the confidence and wits of a contemporary garage band like Parquet Courts but they also let us escape into their mid-tempo daydreams with plenty of reverberated guitars, like the dream-country of early Mazzy Star.

They're one of Chicago's finest new bands — they even opened for local favorites NE-HI during their last record release at the Empty Bottle with Deeper earlier this year. Don't miss them Day 2 - Saturday, October 14!

Town Criers

Before even having a name to go by and only one song mentally written down, Andre Baptista, Scott Truesdale, Vince Pimentel, and Kevin Allen, were asked to play a friend's house show that coming Friday. The long black-haired boys got to the garage and cranked out a thirty minute Kinks influenced, "psych-punk", set list to make the house show an unforgettable one.

The Town Criers are now taking the Chicago music scene head on with a debut EP in fall 2017 so their fans can listen to their music through headphones and live Day 2 - Saturday, October 14 at Warble Daze!